Score at Chili’s Stadium!

Only Chili’s Stadium creates the ultimate game-day atmosphere with a delicious array of shareable foods, so you and your friends get the most of every exciting moment.

Let the games begin!

No stadium experience is complete without bar games, a pint of beer & delectable snacks. Head over to the #ChilisStadium for a sports experience like no other. Start your own match with these fun challenges at the table.

Coin Toss: Predict the toss and the next round is on the friend who got it wrong.

No Ball: Don’t touch your drink till the next 6 balls.

Wide: Take a sip from your friend’s drink.

Boundaries: Cheers to the batsman!

Catch: Bottoms up for those wearing black.

Half-Century: Bottoms up for those wearing a cricket jersey.

Break: Only people wearing wrist watches drink bottoms up!

Spot a celebrity: Sip your drink without touching the glass with your hands.


Sports_Tent Card_4x6 in 4

Have any more fun games in mind? Share with us your ideas and Chili’s Stadium game experiences on our social media.

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